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New technology speeds up shopping, signals battle between world’s biggest companies

Walmart had been testing Scan & Go technology in two stores in eastern Canada. In late October, 20 more stores brought in the scanning devices, including four Walmart stores in the Edmonton area and two in Calgary. At Walmart entrances, customers can pick up a scanning gun that’s about the size of a cellphone. They then shop and scan all their items as they’re putting them into the cart or reusable bags.

When customers finish shopping, they tap “finished” on their device. A bar code is displayed on the screen and the customer scans that into a “Scan & Go” self check-out lane where they pay and leave...

Shoppers Drug Mart issues job posting for medical marijuana brand manager

Shoppers Drug Mart is looking to hire a medical marijuana brand manager as it tries to position itself in the burgeoning cannabis market, even though it is not currently legal to distribute the drug through pharmacies.
A job posting on the website of Canada's largest pharmacy says the senior brand manager role will entail leading its strategy and marketing activities to doctors and health-care providers in the cannabis space.
"The development and integration of the medical brand plan will involve the consideration of the current cannabis market; legislation, regulations and access challenges," the posting reads.

With $18.8B deal, Brookfield doubles down on the mall

Brookfield has said that “retailers focused on the intersection of bricks and mortar retail with online sales channels continue to expand and grow.”