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PC Optimum members get hit by points theft twice. Loblaws blames password glitch | CBC New

Thieves continue to steal hundreds of thousands of PC Optimum rewards points, and some members have had the misfortune of being hit twice.

The reason? A glitch in the program's system allowed a thief to stay in a member's online account even after the initial theft was discovered and the password reset.

"How secure is their program?" said William Grobe of Kitchener, Ont., who recently got hit by theft a second time, after beefing up his password. He had 250,000 points stolen in total. "It feels like someone's in [my account] in spite of any security."

Toy company bids $890 million for Toys ‘R’ Us stores in Canada and the United States

Toy company MGA Entertainment said on Friday it put in an US$890 million bid for Toys ‘R’ Us stores in the U.S. and Canada.

Billionaire Isaac Larian, who heads MGA Entertainment, put in a bid of US$675 million for stores in the United States and US$215 million for stores in Canada, MGA said in a statement.

Google Maps sabotage is a 'scary' problem for all users, warns 'internet police'

Google’s ubiquitous suite of apps and services has become an essential part of running a business. Billions of users rely on the search engine to connect with businesses online and Google Maps to dire.

​‘This is getting out of control’: Ottawa scrutinizing Tim Hortons amid franchisee feud -

The federal government is looking into concerns raised by a dissident group of Tim Hortons franchisees about the potential violation of terms Ottawa placed on a deal that saw Canada's most iconic restaurant chain taken over by a Brazilian firm...