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Low number of retail cannabis stores may make legal buying 'inconvenient'

New numbers released Wednesday by Statistics Canada indicate only 288 retail cannabis outlets will open for business between Oct. 17, when recreational marijuana becomes legal across the country, and the end of 2018.

Statistics Canada said the numbers are from provincial regulatory authorities.

“With a relatively small number of cannabis ‘bricks and mortar’ outlets, many Canadians may find it inconvenient to purchase cannabis in the early months, although they will also have the option of purchasing online or growing it for themselves,” the agency said in a release.

Global Technology Executive Joins INDOCHINO Board

INDOCHINO announced that it has appointed Julie Averill, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for lululemon, as its first independent board member. Ms. Averill will provide strategic counsel on INDOCHINO’s technology infrastructure and ongoing growth strategy as the retailer strives to become one of the largest global apparel brands.

If you buy cannabis online in Canada, will Uncle Sam find out?

Privacy advocates have plenty of questions about how data from buying marijuana online will be handled

How Canadian bookstore chain Indigo plans to compete against Amazon in the U.S. - Digiday

Canadian bookstore and accessories chain Indigo is making a play for the U.S. market.

New Sobeys ad demonstrates ‘what food can do’ | Canadian Grocer

Television spot touts the many benefits of food, including social media likes

Nestlé, Tim Hortons named Canada's top plastic polluters | CBC News

Much of the plastic trash cleaned up from Canadian shorelines by volunteers in September could be traced back five companies: Nestlé, Tim Hortons, PepsiCo, the Coca-Cola Company and McDonald's, an audit led by Greenpeace Canada has found.

Greenpeace and other environmental advocacy groups working on the international Break Free from Plastic campaign looked for branding on 10,000 litres of food wrappers, plastic bottles, plastic-lined coffee cups and other trash collected in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax during World Cleanup Day on Sept. 15 and counted the results as part of their first Canadian plastic polluters brand audit.