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'End of an era': Sears Canada seeks to close all remaining stores

Sears Canada says it plans to seek court approval to begin liquidation of all its remaining stores and assets.

Sears Canada Seeks to Shutter Operations and Close All Stores

(Our Article -- at the end, we link to various sources discussing various aspects of Sears Canada's demise)

Sears Travel will be The Travel Experts as of Nov. 1 - Travelweek

In light of Sears Canada Inc.’s latest CCAA filing TravelBrands is rebranding Sears Travel as The Travel Experts, effective Nov. 1.

Employee discount at work? Revenue Canada wants you to pay tax on it

The national revenue minister says she is not looking to target the country's retail workers, even after the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) issued guidelines to business owners that could pave the way for new taxes on merchandise purchased with an employee discount.

The CRA said in a document posted on its website that discounts for merchandise should be treated as a taxable benefit. The tax collector said that when an employee receives a discount on merchandise — as a benefit of their employment — the value of the discount should be included in the employee's income at tax time...

Style Q&A: La Vie en Rose joins the fight against breast cancer

Chances are, you or someone you know, has been affected by breast cancer.

Target’s closure devastated my business. Here’s how we recovered

Numerous pharmacies were unable to make the transition to a new location and some were forced to close.