Web Scraping Tools to Extract Online Data | 2017

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Ever since the World Wide Web started growing in terms of data size and quality, businesses and data enthusiasts have been looking for methods to extract this data from the web. Today, there are various ways of web data extraction from websites of your preference. Some are meant for hobbyists and some are suitable for enterprises. Web data scraper software belongs to the former category. If you need data from a few websites of your choice for a quick research or project, these tools are more than enough.

Data crawling is a technique employed by a variety of organisations and companies wishing to collect large volumes of data on a specific subject. Usually, the data is harvested from a specific website or web page either using pipes, Python scripts, browser plugins, HTTP or other custom built methods such as a bot or data crawling. Web Harvesting tools can be used to extract data for a range of topics including price comparison, data mashups or re-publication, monitoring tools and other web automation products and tools.

These data scraper tools look for new data manually or automatically, fetching the new or updated data and storing them for your easy access. For example, one may collect info about products and their prices from Amazon using a scraping tool.  

Web scraping tools are much easier to use in comparison to programming your own web scraping setup. Here are some of the best web scraping software available in the market right now.

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