By SHAWN VENASSE - Sales Representative

TORONTO REAL ESTATE ROUND-UP: Tuesday 22nd August 2017

TORONTO is the #4 most livable city in the world on The Economist's annual LIVABLE CITIES list...for the seventh year in a row! 

A quick review of the City of Toronto's website and the 2017 TORONTO WORLD RANKINGS section already reveals a list of awards and accolades conferred upon the City from international think tanks and publications including:

...among many others!

The point of which is to remind everyone who is lucky to live here that, in fact, they are lucky! That they are living in one of the most livable, green, proud and economically prosperous Cities in the whole world! And not to negate the many issues we face (not the least of which the City Hall's constant reliance on taxation as the only viable solution to simple yet deep-reaching problems).

So with the imminent arrival of Fall and the solemn descent & decline of Summer 2017, go out and celebrate these final glorious warm and humid Toronto dog days of summer. Walk around this growing, bright cosmopolitan wonderland we get to call home. And breathe in the clean cool hint of autumn air and be proud and grateful all at once!