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Positive Acorn

Our instructors take pride in creating scientifically informed practices. Instead of focusing on simplistic tools, Positive Acorn offers many interventions and techniques not offered elsewhere. Positive Acorn is an ICF-approved positive psychology coach training program built on two simple principles: First, we want to use the most effective teaching tools possible to enhance learning. And the second principle that guides the Positive Acorn approach is research. We pride ourselves on the most up-to-date approaches in positive psychology. Our instructors are not only consumers of this science, we create it! We are at the forefront of positive psychology intervention and cover cutting-edge topics.

Fundamentals of Coaching Course - Australia/Pacific time zone friendly!

Fundamentals of Coaching is a 16 credit course that introduces learners to the coaching relationship and provides an experiential learning environment in which they develop basic coaching competencies. This course has been timed to be convenient for those living in the Australia/Pacific region.

Applied Positive Psychology Course

The science of positive psychology is our sweet spot. Positive psychology is an empirical approach to understanding what goes right, rather than what goes wrong, with people. Topics in this science include well-being, optimism, resilience, courage, flow, and many others. We leverage our expert knowledge in this field to introduce practical skills that are nuanced and effective.

Powerful Practice Course

Powerful Practice: The Next Step in Positive Psychology Coaching
for coaches who want to develop their own presence.