By sarah goodall

Welcome to another social business round-up.  I'm sat here with tea and chocolate.  The joy of having 3 small children is that they receive lots chocolate for Easter but they can't possibly consume it all before the expiry date.  Is it bad to eat your kids chocolate?

I took a "Digital Detox" at Easter - living in a cabin with no wifi or phone signal left me no choice. That said, I returned to my desk feeling rested, energised and ready to reconnect.  

Social media can be overwhelming - as if we need to be "always on".  But we don't.  Digitally disconnecting is healthy.  In fact, France recently introduced a law to protect employees from digital burnout.

So, this month we're leading with #PersonalBrand - smart ideas to help you discover your brand health today (using LinkedIn SSI) and advance your brand further using manageable daily routines and visual content...but remember to factor in a digital detox every now and then.



PS Some of you struggled to open the links in the last edition.  If that was you, check out Tribal Chatter here