Noise, dust, waffle - whatever you call it, content marketing is getting a bad reputation these days mainly because quantity trumps quality.

Over this last month we've been reading a lot about content and how it 

Check out the new BuzzSumo feature that allows you to filter on B2B content. The 2017 Employee Advocacy Impact Study aligns content to demographic and job roles enabling you to tailor your advocacy content strategy.

During Q1 we took the opportunity to spring clean our entire approach to content as part of our HubSpot partner training.  We've developed topic clusters, published consistently and linked our content to action and it's making a huge impact on our inbound traffic.  

So, whether you are in sales, marketing, communications or an expert role, here are my top tips for content:

Spring cleaning is a great way to identify all your content, align it to the customer journey and figure out the gaps you need to fill.

Feel free to reach out to us.  We have a methodology to support this process and I'm happy to share how it's impacting our results.  

Actually, that reminds me, I need to spring clean the house - oh joy!

Until next time...