Hey there,

Enjoying the summer?  I'm not.  Well, not today.  I've just spent 6 hours in a car on one of the hottest days, with 3 kids in the back watching Dora The Explorer on repeat.  My patience has been tested beyond recognition but my conversational Spanish has improved no end.  Vamonos!

My journey today wasn't too dissimilar to a typical B2B buyers journey.  It was long, incredibly noisy and often frustrating.

At a time when it takes 18 calls to connect with a buyer and only 24% of sales emails are actually opened, cutting through the noise to earn the attention of your buyer takes a well crafted sales and marketing approach. One that is centred around content and the buyers journey. So we're talking content this month.

Only 19% of buyers want to connect with a salesperson during the awareness stage of their buying process so how do you win trust early on when you're not in the room and can't get them on the phone?  

Some tips:

We've learned so much on our HubSpot partner journey (especially around content).  If you're curious to learn how we tackled it ourselves or for our customers, let's have a chat.   Anyway, I can't offer anymore tips other than throwing an occasional sugary bribe to your kids every 30 minutes on long car journeys.  Keeps them focused on the clock.   

Adios amigo!