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It's July so welcome to another Chatter.  Now, I don't follow football but it's difficult to avoid the World Cup - especially when your country is still in with a chance of winning it!  

I watched the tactical England match against Belgium last week and I started to appreciate how much effort goes into preparing for a football match.  From analysing player moves, team formations, weather conditions, future opponents - no game is ever the same.  

At Tribal HQ we've been reading a lot about buyer journeys and same rules apply.  Understanding and anticipating how your buyer moves is essential to sales engagement and marketing success.   It's something we've learned a lot about during our HubSpot Partner training course and now practice with rigour ourselves. 

This month, we've pulled together some of the best articles we've seen that both sales and marketing will enjoy because the buyer journey is now the responsibility of both functions...working inbound together.

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Btw, if you missed the new QR feature on LinkedIn, check out my little demo.  Much easier to connect now!