By sarah goodall

What a fabulous time of year.  The sun is out, the kids are in the paddling pool and I'm supervising whilst writing this edition of Tribal Chatter.  Even though I'm technically working on a Sunday, I'm so grateful to have this flexibility!

June was hectic...

We launched The Social Impact Program - a social advocacy managed service for businesses.

I faced my fears by stepping in front of a video camera to record footage for our courses and website.

Fathers day - a great excuse for a picnic in the park and some air rocket fun with the girls.

Talking of Fathers Day, I'm picking out on of my best discoveries this month.  If you're in Sales or Marketing, I strongly advise you check out "3 Generations of B2B Technology Buyers:  Not Your Father's Buying Decisions".  A fantastic research study presented in an interactive format to show you how generations differ in their online buying habits.  Insightful and brilliant!

That's all from me.   Enjoy the sunshine!