By sarah goodall

Hello again!  I'm quite excited.  May was makeover month.  Not for me personally but for tribalimpact.com.  We officially launched the Social Impact Program - a blended social media training experience for employees.  If you spot a mistake, let me know.  I'm donating £2 per mistake to Macmillan Cancer Care.

I'm leading 'Chatter' with a post about social silos.  Over the last few weeks, several conversations really highlighted that too many folks are now cooking in the social kitchen with the absence of a head chef.  

Many organisations are dabbling with Social Selling whilst other departments manage Social Advocacy programs, Social Marketing Campaigns and Social Recruitment in isolation.  The result?  Multiple tools, inconsistent training and in budget wasted

Communication is key when it comes to rolling out social programs internally.  Focus on driving a social business rather than social silos.  It's more efficient, costs less and (most importantly) won't confuse the employee community.