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Welcome to Scroll Free September.  I kid you not.  Over 600,000 people in the UK have pledged to give up social media this month and honestly, I don’t blame them.  I know that’s a bit weird given Tribal is focused around social media, but I also strongly believe life happens off the phone. 

After a 1-week digital detox at the end of August, I felt refreshed and more connected to my family than ever before.  But it took self-control and a ton of will-power – I failed once.  

Digitally disconnecting at work is a topic that I’m learning about each day.  Last month I met SAP sales leader Lee Welch, who spoke passionately about his belief in digital health across his team.   

Last week I attended INBOUND 2018 in Boston where most of the keynote messages were geared around mindfulness and wellbeing of teams. 

If we’re to engage employees and encourage high productivity, it’s important that leaders and managers understand and endorse digital mindfulness. 

Some ideas include:

Anyway, employees are the focus this month.  If you’re looking for ideas on how you or your team can digitally disconnect, check out these life hacks

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