By Shakopee DLCs
Digital Learning Coordinators of Shakopee Public Schools

When grading assignments, discussions, and quizzes in Canvas, you can use rubrics to assess students and provide feedback. You can create holistic or analytic rubrics that can be easily reused. In addition to reusing rubrics, you can also use the Learning Mastery Gradebook to see how students are progressing on their mastery of certain skills you assess throughout the year.

Below are some videos and Canvas guides that will help you learn all the features of rubrics in Canvas. 

Rubrics: can be used to assess any assignment, quiz, or discussion post in Canvas. They can be reused or copied and then modified. You can also choose to write "free form comments," which you can save and reuse if students make common mistakes.

Outcomes: create a rubric around a specific standard or learning target. These can be pulled into any rubric as a criterion. As a part of the rubric, you can select whether that Outcome is calculated as part of the grade for that assignment.

Learning Mastery Gradebook: this is a gradebook that looks at how students are mastering Outcomes that you created in your course.