Bet for Free - Win REAL Cash


Win-win. Risk-free. Can’t lose. You don’t hear those things associated with betting on sports too often. When it comes to using the free play sportsbook section here at, all of them apply.

How does it work? It is really simple. We fund your account with 10 cents and we never ask for you to give us a dime. You get $0.10 to start with free with which to start betting on sports. You can make picks. You can play games. You can enter contests. You can use your bankroll however you see fit. LOSE! We will reload your account!

As you win, your bankroll continues to grow and you can start putting more on the line with your bets, contests, or gameplay. Once you reach the minimum requirements, you can cash out real money!

Does it sound too good to be true? It isn’t. It is a great way for novice handicappers to start betting on sports in a risk-free, low-stress environment. You don’t have to deposit money into any accounts or walk up to the sportsbook and put down cold, hard cash. You can simply get some skin in the game by using our sportsbook to work through the process of handicapping games. You can have all the fun of betting on sports without all the high blood pressure problems that come along with it!

This is 100% legal because you aren’t putting up your own money. You are betting with our money!

How does it become your money? Here’s how: Once you reach $200, we’ll allow you to cash out and you will convert virtual money to real money. Withdrawals can be up to $200.

The way you build a bankroll is by winning. You can make picks like regular bets on spreads, totals, and money lines. You can also bet teasers and parlays. The maximum bet win amount for a straight bet is $3.00 and the maximum bet win amount for parlay and teaser bets is $5.00.

Here’s the best part. You can win, even while losing! If your account ever gets down below $0.04, you can watch a short advertisement and get bumped back up to $0.10.

Additional ways to win include contest leaderboards, where you can make your picks and then see how your picks stack up against other users right here at BangTheBook and across the network.

Now, for the particulars, you’ll have to sign up with a user name and email address. If you get to a point in which you can cash out, you’ll have to provide additional forms of identification to verify that it is you. You literally have nothing to lose. Your account keeps getting refilled based on watching videos from the advertising partners when you run low on funds.

Check out the above video to get the same explanation in a little bit of a different format and then get signed up with a free account and start working your way towards a cash out today!