By Simela Petridis

A ginormous, warm welcome to all my amazing Pizzle People!
My heart is so full.

Firstly, thank you for signing up to my newsletter, blows my mind that I even have a newsletter.
Secondly, this is all very much trail and error so please be patient with me while I work it all out.
Thirdly, you are absolutely wonderful, so welcome!

As my first ever newsletter I wanted to start off by introducing myself to you and my alias Pizzle Paints. My name is Simela (Sim) and i'm from Adelaide, Australia. I am 23 years of age and I have been watercolour painting for a little over a year now. I recently finished my teaching degree majoring in history and english and I also sing in a band for a living. I was skeptical about starting my teaching career straight out of uni so i've taken a little bit of a break and am focusing on things I really love to do, my art! My vision for these newsletters is to essentially tell you everything I know, show you everything that i've done and be completely transparent about my art journey with you because I believe everyone is capable, if not more capable then me to build nothing into something if you really want to - you feel?

Pizzle Paints began as merely a way for me to be an alias and paint things to relieve myself of any stresses occurring in my life. Little did I know that people would jump onboard and actually like my art. My partner convinced me to start a designated Instagram page and despite my reluctance I did it and he now has the biggest head in the entire world. "If it wasn't for me Sim, you wouldn't have started this page", "Oh Sim, 10k! Lucky I told you to start this page", "Gosh, what would you have done without me telling you to start this page, Sim?" - him e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y. He is for sale.

So rewind to a year ago, this self-taught watercolorist started climbing her way up the Instagram art ladder to eventually hit 1k. Once I hit 1k, I realised that maybe there is something good here, maybe if I really invested my time into this I could have a good thing going. It was NEVER about figures, but it was more or less about self confidence and pride and the ability to create something that would allow someone else to feel something despite me even knowing them. 1k quickly become 5k and this is where it all started to change. 

Prior to hitting the 5k I would tag any companies in my photos that I was using, despite knowing much about them. I tagged Prima Marketing Inc. in EVERYTHING I did because I really liked them and yeah maybe I did look like a stage 5 but I realllllly liked themmmm. I received a message from a member of their marketing team asking if I'd like to join their design team and promote their products in my photos. First, I was admit it was a hoax, second I was crying and third I was about to start writing up my application for Catfish because SURELY THIS COULD NOT BE TRUE. 


PIZZLE-ME-TIMBERS. I was one smitten kitten.

I don't know what you know but i've heard that unless you've hit 10k you can't get a sponsorship - well I sure proved that wrong. This was a proud moment for the Pizz, I could not believe it. However I did really struggle to accept this offer because I felt there were other artists more deserving, that actually knew things and that actually held their paintbrushes like brushes and not pencils  BUT then I had this revelation and I was like HECK YES! I am Pizzle Paints, I hold my brush like a pencil, I do things that don't always make sense but MY ART IS BEAUTIFUL because IT'S MY ART!

The 10k milestone came later but even with 1 follower, Pizzle Paints had made it. 

I'm no Oprah but I really wanted this newsletter to encourage you to be persistent in your journey, tag away, be a stage 5, learn from others and be proud of everything you do. 

I'll be in touch - I have something mega cool to send you on the asap. 

- Simela/ Pizzle 


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