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Vinyl prices spike along with popularity

Collectors and DJ's never stopped loving it, but it wasn't all that long ago that vinyl music was at death's door as a format (Winnipeg: CTV)


Honest Dumplings partners with South Island Pies in new, local innovation

Their new space has a large retail component, which will soon be filled with other local food innovations, starting with Revolution Ice Cream, but expanding to host shelf space for other like-minded operators.

“It’s to help Alberta companies move beyond the farmers market,” says co-owner Lerohl.


Out of style: Project looks at the real cost of cheap clothing

That $10 shirt might seem like a bargain. It’s on-trend and will be easy to replace when it wears out in six months. But what is the real cost of cheap, fast fashion to the people who make it and to the environment?

Sorting Party, a collaborative class art project at the University of Saskatchewan, is challenging perceptions of fashion...


One man's trash, is another man's treasure and a $28.5 billion industry in Canada.

MEDICINE HAT, AB. - Shopping for a used television or table and chairs is big business in Canada.

Kijiji released a report stating the second hand market in Canada is a $28.5 billion industry, with 91% of Albertans participating last year.

Nicole Wilson, the creator of the Bidding Battles Medicine Hat Facebook group said they are up to 28,000 members and climbing.

“We have everything from clothing to appliances, electronics, tools, and collectibles,” she said. “You name it, it gets posted here.”