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Uber Eats and Inabuggy enter alcohol-delivery market in Metro Vancouver

Craft beer, wine, cider, spirits, and more are now but a click away.


Planned pot home-delivery app like Skip the Dishes, but 'for the fun stuff' | CBC News

Saskatoon could soon be home to an app that allows people to have legal pot and alcohol delivered straight to their front door.

Three partners, including Saskatoon's Sam Bahm, are planning an early September launch for Designated Delivery, a smartphone app that, in the style of Skip the Dishes, will allow people to order and track deliveries of cannabis and champagne like so much chicken chow mein.

"Our main focus is we want to cut down on the impaired drivers on the road," said Bahm, the co-founder and CEO of recently incorporated Ambrosa Technologies Inc.


Cannabis retailers step up race to hire staff as legalization looms

Jeff Mooij said his prospective cannabis retail staff will be offered a profit-sharing model to sign up.

It’s one of the enticements being rolled out in an increasingly competitive recruitment drive as the countdown to the Oct. 17 legalization of recreational marijuana date approaches.

“Competition will be fierce but we believe with our company culture and success, we should be able to retain more (people),” said Mooij, owner of 420 Premium Market, which already counts six Calgary store locations tentatively approved by the city.


AHS investigates after pregnant woman drinks cleaning solution at Lethbridge McDonald’s

Health officials say that a woman and her unborn baby are okay after she drank a powerful cleaning product instead of the latte she ordered at a Lethbridge McDonald’s but they want to know what went wrong.

Sarah Douglas picked up a latte in the drive-thru and was stunned after she felt a stinging, burning sensation in her mouth when she took her first sip.

“The feeling of the moment that I felt in my mouth was an immediate reaction of a burning, fuzzy feeling. My tongue felt fuzzy and my mouth felt kind of numb.”