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What Democracy Means

Democracy is when everyone comes together in a community. This image meets my criteria as it shows a group of people together of all of different color coming together. When democracy works, all people come together as it shows in this picture that everyone of different colors and backgrounds are together and have a say, and does not feel left out. For example, we seen what it is like when people do not have equal say such as whites having more power than blacks, and that blacks can't even be heard during segregation. This image is very important because racism still exists in the USA especially in the South and hate groups are all over different towns and cities. But I chose this image because different ethnicities of different colors are all mixed in together and are welcoming and are in a community where they all have equal power.

Democracy is when all people have an equal say. This image meets my criteria as it means equal power for all. That everyone has equal rights, gender wise, color, identity, etc, but it shows that people have equal opportunity to have a say and have power and have their voice heard. I chose this image because when it stated "equal voice" it is stating that we all have equal power and a voice and don't think your less then one equal.

Democracy is when people have equal power and say. This image meets my criteria as all people of different skin color are being treated as equals as it says "everyone" which is relating back to when we have a say in our society and community. You can see in the image of hands up but with light, dark, and brown skin which is why I chose this image. This is a really important image as it is showing that everyone regardless of race can make their own choices instead of the government and the laws saying one particular race can't do this. We live in a world where people are not accepted because of what they identity as, what society looks like to them, their color, and gender.

Democracy is when people treat other with kindness and respect. This image meets my criteria as it shows what a democracy should have, such as "safety, love and empathy". In a democracy we all come together which it connects back to "love". To understand each other connects back to "empathy". And to be equal in our community and not to leave anyone out connects back to "safety. In our past history, people have not always treated each other with the respect in our community, which is why I chose this image in order to be equal and have power humans need to show what is in this image, of love, respect, safety.

Democracy is when people of different identities and colors have equal say and equal power. This image meets my criteria as a lady is holding a sign that says things such as "Gay Power", "Black Power" as it showing that no matter what race you are or what you identify as, you are equal and can make choices for yourself. This image is important and why I chose it is because today the LGBT community is still being seen less then society, it took years for all 50 states to allow same sex marriage and people still disagree with it. Even though blacks aren't segregated anymore, we live in a world where people are still making jokes, trashing them online and in person. This is why this image stands out showing that we all need to be treated as equals in this community,

Democracy is when all people have equal power. This image meets my criteria as it is talking about of how people don't know that they can have a say in our community. That all people regardless of gender, background, race, color, identity, all can make choices and should not feel forced to make a choice, and don't care what other people have to say to their power as a whole. Young people has always helped made a change, yet not many of them seemed to realize. For example, during movements they helped made school groups, protests signs. And during the civil rights movements blacks came together making up organizations such as the Black Panthers and not giving up. This is why the image I chose is important as people should stand up for what they believe and they don't know their true potential.

Democracy is when all people are treated with equal rights and feel accepted in our society. This image meets my criteria as it shows what a democracy is suppose to be such as, "honor our differences" such as people are different such as color, background, identity but can still make choices and when it says "Trust women" because women deserves to have equal rights and that they should be able to make choices for themselves. I chose this image because it helps me explain what rights we are still fighting for. Women for the past many years are seen as inferior to men. In an article I read, Why is Silicon Valley so mean to Women?, a male was treated much better then a women despite his less experience and because of his gender. Women are still being paid less, including women of color, and abortion laws are changing. When it says honor our differences and stand up is that people of color still have a lot of rights to fight for including money wise, color women are paid less than white women. This is why this image is important, we need to fight for our rights and treat each other with love more then ever.