What is InboxDollars - And Does it Really Pay?

Q:  What is Inbox Dollars?

A:  It is one of a number of popular websites (and/or apps) that is has been given the acronym "GPT" (standing for "get paid to").  In short, it is a place you can go online that will allow you to make some money by doing various tasks, taking surveys, playing games, watching videos and some other fast and easy "jobs."

Q:  Does InboxDollars really pay?

A:  Yes, it does pay, and it pays in cash (as opposed to "points"), but don't expect it to replace your day job or provide you with sufficient income to live on.  Good for those looking for fast and easy ways to make some pocket money.

Give it a go for yourself - click here to sign up.  (It's FREE and you also get an instant $5.00 just for joining.  Pretty cool, huh?)

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