By Nicholas Marshi
A BDC Reporter Publication. Last updated July 20, 2018.

At 9/30/2017 WHF had 31 portfolio companies, of which 25 were performing and 6 under-performing. No loan was on non-accrual.  There were 38 different positions. The total portfolio had a fair market value of $435mn. The loan portfolio consisted primarily of senior secured loans to lower mid-market borrowers, which were variable-rate investments. The portfolio had an average investment size of $11.5 million based on fair value, with the largest investment being $26 million. [Source: Conference Call]

Currently, the 6 Watch List names are Outcome Health, Grupo Hima San Pablo, Caelus Energy, Oasis Legal Finance, Aretec Group and the NMFC Senior Loan Program I, LLC. Our major concerns are Outcome Health (which just settled a major lawsuit with its investors and is hunting for a new CEO); Oasis Legal Finance (also legal issues including a recent los) and Grupo Hima San Pablo (Puerto Rico hospital chain). Aretec Group is equity and appears to be improving following a restructuring, the NMFC Senior Loan is dropping modestly in value and Caelus may be benefiting from higher oil prices.

The BDC Credit Reporter tracks all 31 companies daily.