Week in Justice 16 July 2017

Another busy week in criminal justice.

The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman published his annual report which revealed that the number of prison deaths linked to new psychoactive substances has reached 79 in the last four years and that he had started investigations into a startling total of 361 deaths last year.

The Parole Board published its annual report and set out how it is seeking to tackle the backlog of cases related to the increase in oral hearings, IPPs and a surge in recalls.

The Howard League published its 1st paper of a campaign to tackle the criminalisation of children in residential care.

Inspectors found that probation hostels do a good job at protecting the public from high risk offenders and that there are not enough beds nationally.

Finally, there was a political furore over the decision to award the hardware component of the next generation electronic tagging contract to G4S.

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