Week in Justice 3 Sept 2017

This week was marked by concern about a surge in the prison population (up 1,200 since May) which, combined with last week's official projections of 1,600 more prisoners by 2022 because of increasing numbers of sex offenders sentenced to longer terms, has put additional pressure on the already struggling prison system.

The probation system is faring no better with this week's HMI Probation report finding that the Community Rehabilitation Company in Gloucestershire was performing at "nowhere near the standard expected" with Chief Inspector Dame Glenys Stacey calling for urgent government action.

This week also focused on racism in the justice system ahead of the Lammy Review. The Prison Reform Trust published a new report detailing how Black and Asian women experience discrimination at every point of the justice system and MoJ analysis revealed that young black men are 9 times more likely to be jailed than their white counterparts.

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